5 Types of Stunning Gemstone Jewelry Items Online

If you want to buy gemstone jewelry, visit the online store and receive the widest collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets at the most competitive rates. The gemstones are 100% natural and genuine.

The demand for semi-precious stones is increasing with each passing day. Such precious stones are used to create beautiful jewelry items. Nowadays, both jewel companies and individuals around the world are interested in such stones than ever. For authentic and good quality gemstones, the apt wholesaler and supplier is to be contacted at the earliest. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find the right manufacturer online that sells genuine, natural and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. This article talks about 5 kinds of jewelry items available in the online shop.

Gemstone Rings
Whether it is 925 sterling silver rings or 14k and 18k gold gemstone rings, you will find it all right here. Exclusive range of wedding and engagement rings are available for both men and women. The gemstones used include fresh water pearls, coral, sapphire, opal etc. For daily use, you can opt for Amethyst Cabochon or Poppy Jasper Oval Cabochon.

Gemstone Necklaces
The widest range of necklaces is offered- statement, vintage, turquoise, crystal, European beads and pearls. The beaded necklaces are in great demand these days. Only the best and natural beads such as garnet, citrine, lapis, dalmatian jasper and so forth are used. If you are looking for custom made necklaces, the skilled craftsmen are readily available at your service.

Gemstone Earrings
This is popular gemstone jewelry that is made up of amber, shells, zebra jasper, corals, fossils and so on. A multiplicity of such products is displayed in the website and is completely free from nickel, lead and cadmium. The products meet EU and US environmental healthy standard. Plus, the finishing and cuts are simply amazing.

Gemstone Pendants
For the best logo engraved pendants, it is advisable to opt for the ideal online manufacturer and supplier. You get to choose from three types of pendants- theme pendants and charms, silver wire and brass wire and basic shape pendants. Shop for matching necklace and earring to go with the pendants and create an all new fashion statement.

Gemstone Bracelets
Vastly available in different colors, shapes and sizes, this gemstone jewelry is guaranteed to mesmerize you. Right from charm and beads to cuff and bangles to leather to sterling and so on, all types of bracelets are offered. Plus, new collection of bracelets is arriving soon!
So, choose jewelry of your choice, order it online and get it delivered at your doorsteps. Tailor made jewelry option is also offered by online stores to for both individual customers and retailers.

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Vishal Gems is a leading manufacturer and exporter of beaded necklaces. We have a wide collection of gemstone beads and semi precious stone beads. buy gemstone Online from vishal Gems at affordable price.
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Loose Gemstones

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are accepted for their visual attraction and brilliance, and they are the most noteworthy part of the beautiful and unique jewelry. Natural gemstones are also used by a number of people for their healing and magical properties. Some assume that wearing certain type of gemstone can bring fortune in their lives. Nonetheless, only high quality gemstones of the right size are believed to bring that fortune. As most for the most part, these gemstones are expensive and require good investment. You need research intensively before purchasing one. The kind of loose gem you invest in depends upon the type you are looking for in a gemstone.

There are several online stores which offer a huge selection of loose gemstones. Furthermore, online retailers have superior inventory in comparison of real store front dealers as they don't have to worry about the stocking and the additional overhead costs in retailing loose stones. When selecting a stone, you will have to consider the right shape, cut, color and carat of the loose stones. It's always beneficial to have a plan in place for you actually acquire a stone. For this reason, by already having the mount gives you the size of stone you need to have set before you actually purchase one. In many cases you can get a better deal on the finished jewelry by having the mount then looking for the stones. At online stores, you can obtain thousand types of loose gemstones which greatly increase your choice. Additionally, you can take the help of gemstone professionals to choose the right quality according to the mounts you want to buy and within your budget range.

There are many different varieties in which determine different species of gems. The utmost precious are the natural gemstones. These are high-priced but totally the treasured ones. These gemstones have their own brilliant charm, and quality which is not seen in other variety of synthetic gems. These gemstones look more brilliant due to their fine cuts and colors and usually bought in finer jewelry stores.

Semi precious gemstones are also common for their beauty. Depending on where the stones are purchased, their colors might not be as beautiful as the natural gemstones. Also their grade and cut may not be as sharp crisp meet points as that of precious gemstones. Acquiring semi precious gemstones is a good option for those who do not want to invest in expensive gemstones. If you are on a budget and still want to enjoy the brilliance of gemstones, pull the trigger and go for semi precious stones.

Whatever be the kind of gemstone you buy, make sure you contact a trusted gemstone dealer and request for an appraisal to protect your investment. There are some chances of giving you artificial gemstones at the price of natural ones. Please do your research.

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About the Author: – There are various kinds of gemstones available in the market today. Some are expensive while some are quite cheap. The gemstones are famous for their astrological significance and their beautiful colors. In addition they are precious and extraordinary too for know more about gemstones and Buy gemstones online please visit Vishalgems.com
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Gemstones Use in Astrology

A gemstone is also known as a semi-precious or precious piece of stone that is cut and then polished to make them into jewellery or other ornaments. Gemstones are generally hard, and are used as decorative pieces on jewellery because of its lustre and visual value. Another characteristic of gemstones is that they are rare. Because of all the reason they are available at high costs and used by a few people.

Not only this, gemstones are also used for astrology. They have healing and energetic powers and suit to people only according to their sun-signs. Vedic astrology says that gems are used for understanding the planetary weaknesses of the human's astrological graph. Such weaknesses many times are the reasons for physical and psychological problems in the people. Gemstones are used for' Grah shanti' that means making peace with the planetary positions so that the person is able to live a smooth life.

Astrology gemstones are required to be worn with particular types of metals that suit the gemstone. The most company used metals are bronze, gold, copper, amalgams and silver. For gemstones to be effective, it is required that the gemstones should be of the best quality. They should be clear cut and eye clean. The better the cut and visibility, higher is the price.

Astrology gemstones are mostly placed in jewellery like ring and pendants. It is necessary that they touch the sin of the person so that they can produce their healing effects in the best manner. Before wearing these astrology gemstones, there is a proper procedure that needs to be followed. Firstly these have to be washed in holy water and according to the gemstone type, other procedures are followed.

Not all gemstones suit everyone. They can have positive as well as negative attributes depending on the astrological charter of the person. Only expert Jyotishis can tell the right gemstone of the person concerned. Based on the planetary positions, the astrology gemstones for each planet are as follows:
For Sun the gemstone is ruby.
For Moon, the gemstone is pearl
For Mercury, the gemstone is emerald
For Venus, the gemstone is diamond
For mars the gemstone is Red Coral
For Jupiter, the gemstone is Yellow Sapphire
For Saturn, the gemstone is Blue Sapphire
These are used in order to improve the weakened positions of the concerned planets in the person's life. For example, is the position of the sun is weak in the person's life, then he would be advised to wear ruby.
About Author: - Ravi Chauha writes on behalf Buy Gemstones Online, you can shop online from our attractive & delicate Gemstone jewelry collection in eye-catching designs and styles at Vishal Gems.
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Gemstones - An introduction!

The very mention of the word gemstones brings the view of beautiful colorful stones in our mind. Some of us associate it with ornaments while others relate it with planetary implications. But in reality, they are much more than that. This piece of information will update you with some basic yet amazing facts about the gemstones.

A gemstone is basically a rock or mineral that can be used for jewelry purposes. The gemstones that are acquired naturally from the earth through mining are called natural gemstones and they are quite valuable. On the other hand, the gemstones that are manufactured by individuals in the laboratories are called synthetic gemstones and they cost less. There are more than 2000 kinds of gemstones available in the world, but only hundred of them can be used in the adornment of jewelry. Ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal, amethyst, topaz, tanzanite, aquamarine, citrine, tourmaline, garnet, lapis lazuli, zircon, jade, iolite, amber, moonstone, turquoise, agate, coral, onyx, jasper, bloodstone, diamond and pearl are the few to name from the list that are widely held all across the globe. Diamonds are said to be women's best friends. All these precious gems are mainly used with gold, silver, and platinum for preparing jewelry, but prior to that they are cut and polished accurately to make them look attractive when set in jewelry.

Each of the gemstones has its own beauty and significance. They are believed to have some healing powers and that is why they are worn as rings, pendants, bracelets or in any other form of jewelry to attract positive powers from their respective ruling planets. Besides that, the raw and uncut loose gems are purchased as an investment also. They are considered safe for investments, as their prices do not fluctuate in the short term. But the value of each of these stones is decided on the basis of its rarity, clarity, density, cut, and above all the aesthetic worthiness; though these gemstones in their raw form do not fascinate much. They are chiseled, cut, carved and finally polished by experts to making it look attractive and worth setting in the jewelry.

Natural gemstones are quite expensive as they are found rarely. Each natural stone takes millions of years to form in the earth's crust. Either they appear on the surface of the earth after a certain period of time or they are obtained through mining. Other loose gems like pearl, coral, amber, ivory etc. are obtained from the plant or animal resource. Their value is also determined on the basis of rarity and durability. Apart from the precious gemstones, these days semi-precious gemstones are also widely held. They are the synthetic gemstones available almost in any color you think of. Beautiful and colorful looks make these gemstones the choice of modern people. Plus they are reasonable priced also. One can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures. But before buying any gemstone online one must verify its authenticity, as it is difficult to differentiate the precious and semi-precious gemstone with a naked eye. Either seek expert's advice or authenticity certificate when you buy these gemstones.
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Precious Gemstones- Neighbors envy owners Pride

Gems, Gemstones or Precious stone whatever you name it, has acquired significant place in our life. It is a part of mineral which is cut and polished to its newer form and widely used in the formation of jewellery or ornaments. For any such stone, its rarity defines its cost and authentication. Both hard and soft stones are easily available in our nature but only luster and physical properties describe its usage in jewel. Physical properties of mineral or stone illustrates its aesthetic value.

According to that, gems engraved in the jewels. In today’s contemporary time Diamond, emerald, sapphire are considered to be most precious stones and its clarity is graded in terms of “water”. The transparency is leveled on the basis of first, second, third level water subsequently. Like the most transparent Gems is known to be First water, the lesser one is leveled as second water and consequently the least one is named as third water stone.

Usually, gems are characterized through its chemical composition as in the composition of diamond is carbon while the composition of ruby is aluminum oxide. The hardness and softness of stones is distinguished through its composition. Most gems found in nature are hard but some are soft due to properties like lustre.

Since, ages the gemstones are in use to make jewel and is being distinguished as precious and semiprecious stones commercially. Apart from precious stones, semi-precious stones were also in great demand in art work, archaeology and even in clothing. One can say that our ancestors were fonder of such valuables than us. And since, there were no grading system the purity of gems was categorized through naked eyes.

But with the advent of grading system, the sturdy task like recognizing the gems has been made easier which gave standard magnification to get better clarity and identification.

Since, ancient time diamond is considered as the best friend of women and it is widely appreciated throughout the world. The sparkle of diamond attracts almost all of us. But, do you know how this sparkle is recognized as real one. Yes! The standard system has given us “four Cs” according to which the rarity and purity of diamond is acknowledged. The four Cs stands for cut, color, clarity and carats. This is the easiest way for buyer to acknowledge this precious stone. Among these four Cs, cut is specific determinant that values diamond ensued by clarity and color as well. Gems are no longer rare and you do not have to rush to jewel shop to get accurate one.

With the growth in technology the shop are available in just one click. Internet has made it possible and you can even buy gemstones online. Complete specifications of stones embedded in jewel are proffered on websites followed by easier mode of payment. All you require is to visit the site and shop on the most striking jewel to envy others. Happy shopping to all you out there!

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Discover a new facet of life with gemstones – beauty adorned with cosmic powers.

From the thrones of kings and queens to the hands of sages, gemstones are more than mere ornaments of beauty. They are synonymous with culture, beauty, health and divine powers. Based on the paradigm of energy and resonance effect of planetary movements on human life, they are much more than a bling of color. Believed to have immense healing power, each gemstone is endowed with distinct form of energy and embodies unique therapeutic effects. Gemstones can benefit us physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The shape, color and quality of gemstone can affect our lives in multifarious ways.  

All cultures across the globe have experienced and acknowledged the benefits of gemstones. Be it sapphire, rubies, emeralds, amber or other semi precious stones – the world has testified their transforming effects. With changing times, it’s now no more the exclusive right of the elite to embellish their lives with gems. Gemstones are now a feasible reality and one can buy them online. Pearls, garnets, quartz, lapis lazuli and a multitude of all gemstone choices are available to match everyone’s needs. Gemstones have the capability to lower stress, balance the body, stimulate the system, rejuvenate the senses and regulate metabolism.  They are brimming with benefits and welfare.

Gems have colossal astrological benefits as well. Selecting appropriate birthstone lets people solve problems, enhance luck, bring happiness and good fate. Gems and crystals also find an important place in Reiki and Feng Shui. Gems open and align the chakras and balances life holistically. They are a scientific and powerful way of leading a prosperous life. People can bring success in life by adorning their jewelry with gems. It’s truly enticing if a lovely emerald rind can bring you good health and add to your style quotient as well.  Celebrities are spotted holding to a particular gem studded in their jewelry for years together. Gemstones are considered a symbol of class and opulence. It’s an investment in well being and prosperity. 
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Gems & Stones

From the time immortal, human being has believed in the power and mystical magic of Gems. Gems, which are known as the precious stones having beauty and excellence of healing, have become a house hold name. These are the rare stones having effects to cure the illness or other miseries of human being and provide them a subtle lifestyle. Believed to have the magical powers, Gems were a part of emperors, elites and riches for a long time. But gone are the days, when these priceless stones were meant to be only for the rich people or the royal families now even a common man can easily make them a part of his wardrobe. There are various Hindu mythologies and text which chants the qualities and power of Gemstones. The astrologers have written various texts in the praise of these timeless stones and now the science has also accepted the potential of these Gems. The modern science has proved that the energetic vibrations and frequencies of these Gems can change the life of a human being and his aura.

In past times, it was not easy to get these Gems but now a larger Gems and Stones industry has grown up. Most of the Jewellers are coming up with various kinds of Gems and Stones which has made it easy for common people to invest in these stones. One Such firm Vishal Gems has become the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of these precious Gemstones. The firm has come into existence in 2004 and since then it is dealing in all kind of Gems and Jewellery. With an aim to become the largest company, Vishal Gems is a growing firm with well-focused team of professionals who keep a sharp eye on every product. Committed to deliver excellence and focused on the satisfaction of customers, the firm is on the way to become the one stop shop for all kinds of Jewellery and Gemstones. The company has a wide range of exclusive gems, semiprecious gems, Diamond, Silver, Gold and Copper ornaments. The firm provide a fine range of these jewels which are nickel and lead free to give complete value to your money.

Vishal Gems also takes care of the requirement and budget of all kind of buyers and hence its products are pocket-friendly. With an excellence to create finest range of jewellery, the firm will never down your expectations. The option of “Customized Jewellery” gives buyers freedom to specify their needs at competitive range. The classy designs, fabulous patterns and elegance in jewelleries show the craftsmanship of its people.  These Gems and jewelleries are widely inspired by rich tradition and culture of India and bring forth the fusion of modernism with their exotic modern designs. You can order your desired Gemstone online while sitting at home at online store of the firm. The virtual store of the company provides full range of all kind of Gems and hence you can invest in one without going anywhere else. Thus, make yourself beautiful with exotic jewelleries designed by Vishal Gems. 
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